Tayberry | How to feel worthy again and regain your self confidence if you suffer from anxiety
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how to feel worthy again

How to feel worthy again and regain your self confidence if you suffer from anxiety

If you are under great stress or you’re suffering from anxiety, depression or panic attacks then you know how it feels to battle lack of self esteem and feelings of unworthiness on a daily basis.

Disengage the thought autopilot

Most of the time it seems like your thoughts are on autopilot, that you aren’t even the one thinking them. You struggle to break free from this pattern of thinking and the more you fight against it the bigger and stronger it gets until you feel completely crushed under its weight. So you go back to feeling powerless, defeated and worthless. After a while, you pick yourself up and you are ready for yet another battle and so the cycle begins again. What you don’t realize while doing all of this is that you have already won, you have already reclaimed your self confidence. Now let me explain how you did that and how you can take it further.

Rediscovering your hidden self-confidence

With each battle you fight against anxiety you prove to yourself that you are worthy of the fight. Whenever the thought of your own unworthiness pops into your mind your gut reaction is always and invariably “that is not true”. Just think about it. You never once really believed that you are truly unworthy of a normal, happy existence – the “I’m not worthy” thought feels bogus, out of place, it feels artificial and unnatural – and that’s because it really is a false thought. If someone dear to you came to you and told you that they feel unworthy of happiness, of a nice, accomplished life, would you tell them they are right? Would you encourage them to keep thinking that? Of course not, because you can clearly see the falseness in that thought – you cherish them so much that mere the fact that they feel that way about themselves feels preposterous to you. How could they think of such a thing? They are amazing human beings, worthy of the best life has to offer. Now if you reverse the roles for a moment, can you tell how out of place your feeling of unworthiness really is? Can you tell that you have fought each battle because you believe in yourself, because you are worth fighting for? Do you realize that the fighting action alone is what shows you that you are worthy to yourself? The simple fact that you pick yourself up and are ready for yet another fight against your anxiety or panic stems from the hope your self-confidence gives you that maybe this time you are going to win the fight. Neither your feeling of worthiness or your self-confidence have ever left you, they have always been within you, helping you fight yet another battle.

Next steps on the road to recovery

It’s very important to realize that your recovery is a process, you may have good days and bad days before you are back on your feet again. Take small but determined steps and don’t lose faith in the process. Make a list of daily affirmations that will help keep you on the right track: “I am enough”, “I am worthy”, “My life is getting better”, “I’m more confident in myself then I was yesterday”, “I am ready to feel better”, “I am ready to feel more confident”.

Don’t forget to praise every battle won and thank your innate sense of worthiness and self-confidence that they have never left your side.

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