Tayberry | QOTD – “Becoming fearless…”
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QOTD – “Becoming fearless…”

What is fear? An emotional response to something that hasn’t happened yet but which our mind regards as dangerous. We never fear something that has happened in the past, no matter how distressing the event; we may feel disappointed, sad or heavyhearted but we never feel fear  – unless we think of something similar happening in the future. This is the secret behind learning to liberate yourself from fear.

Fear is always tied to possible future events and the mechanism is as simple as it’s efficient. Once you realize that the moment you fear something you are thinking of something that hasn’t happened yet and that may never will, you are already half way to freeing yourself from fear.

Truth is, fear is a very controlling emotion, an instinct that is meant to keep us alive. However when we start to fear fear itself, then we are trapped in a control loop where all our actions are decided by one single emotion. Also known as panic attacks, anxiety or depression, the fear of fear is a very debilitating affliction that can rob anyone from feeling alive.

If you fear fear, make a decision today, right now, that you are going to do your best to learn and control your fear. You are going to remind yourself each day that you mustn’t fear fear. You are going to make fear your friend again, not your enemy. Decide now that you are willing to learn and control your fear and break free from the loop of fearing fear. 

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